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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The 5 Card Mind Read Free Download

Here is a free Ebook this is one of my favorite tricks you can perform and tell the spectator the card he is thinking of in their mind. You can read it on here or if you want a easier way of reading The 5 card Mind read you can download it by pressing the download link below.

5 Card Mind Read

Monday, February 21, 2011

How You Can be fooling yourself with doing magic tricks without knowing it

Millions of people report seeing some type of paranormal activity but are they really seeing what they say they saw or hearing what they heard or is it a huge mental effect?  Why does someone like Criss Angel not believe in the paranormal?  I personally believe in the paranormal but I would say that 95% of the stories you hear are false not false as in someone the people lieing but false as in there is a explanation for all the things that people see and hear the way the mind works you can accidentally hypnotize yourself to see something or hear something.
Criss Angel has admitted plenty of times that he does not believe in the paranormal?  The reason why is because Criss Angel knows all the secrets when it comes to the mind and he knows how the mind plays a huge effect on paranormal experiences.  Criss Angel is the person that makes people see stuff think stuff and hear stuff.  He does this all by tricking your mind into thinking something that has never happened.
The chances of you hypnotizing yourself by accident is highly likely.  Let me tell you a story that has happened to me one day I was really tired laying in my bed I was texting my friend I than close my eyes for about the 30 seconds and hear a voice the Voice said,  “I am present now.”  This was so clear and loud but if we look more into this we will realize that it is a mental effect even though it was really loud and I heard it nice and clear.  When I was texting my friend we were talking about ghosts and if we believe in the paranormal.  This was for a split second so it was in my mind for a short amount of time.  Since I have somewhat of a interest in the paranormal this thought was in my subconscious mind which means I was thinking about it with out knowing I was thinking about it. When My friend and I were talking about the paranormal I looked at a bookshelf which plays a huge part in this because when I look at this bookshelf again I will hear the voice because I accidentally hypnotized myself by telling myself When I look at the bookshelf again I will hear a voice.  This was all in my subconscious mind so I didn’t know that I was thinking this.  There are millions of explanations that are different than the one I just told you but basically all the same thing.
The stuff I just told disproves around 95% of the paranormal experiences people claim to have.  This is the stuff the famous people that are master mentalists.  This is why a lot of these people such as Criss Angel don’t believe in such nonsense

Reading minds

Ever wonder how all those people on read minds?  At the age of 18 illusionist Banachek had people believe that his mental abilities are real people were so sure that he can read minds that they took him to a science lab to run tests on him he than admitted that he really wasn’t ready any minds but it was an illusion.  Imagine being able to ask someone to think of someone important in their life and you name the person that they were thinking about without ever knowing them or talking to any of there friends.  How could something like this work?  What if the person she was thinking of wasn’t really the person she thought she was but you were able to put a subliminal message in her head to make her think what she wants?  In this article I am going to go through some basic techniques so that you too can learn how to read minds this stuff requires some practice.
Being able to implant a thought into someone’s mind is very powerful.  You put things in their head based on what you say to them when your having a normal conversation before I ever tell them what I do I would say in response to her using a word that I want her to think of but I wont use the word in the same context.  For example, “Have you read any of his books?” Because you used the word read the color red is in her subconscious mind.  What you got to do to make her think of the color is to ask her to think of a color in her mind and tell her to make sure that it is the first thing to pop in her head and the first thing that will pop in her head would be red.  However some people like to change just to screw you up I would say this works 85% of the time.  This is a really basic technique learning the advanced stuff to fast would probably make you go crazy.
One of the more advanced techniques is muscle reading.  muscle reading is the art of being able to read someone’s muscles by the way they act when they come in front of the object that they have been thinking about.  In the first season of Criss Angels T.V show mind freak Criss angel performs an effect where he has a car salesmen think of any car on the lot and had him put the car keys in any car Criss Angel made a $100,000 bet that he can guess what car the keys are in.  Now how can anyone do such a thing?  If you have a handkerchief and have the car salesmen hold one end of it and you hold the other end and guide him to the way you are going whenever the car salesmen gets close to the car he pulls away without knowing it even if he tells himself not to pull away he will still do it.  What makes this trick work is because he is risking $100,000 risking that much money makes this effect a lot easier.  Obviously people don’t have $100,000 laying around to spare you can do this with just $100 give someone $100 bill and have them hide it anywhere and say that if you fail to find it, it becomes theirs.
Lastly the most easiest way to read minds is called cold reading.  Cold reading is being able to say the same thing to every spectator this is usually a scam and I don’t recommend anyone doing it however,  there is many books on how to cold read and cold reading can be a lot more effective with some practice all you got to say is tell every person “ I can tell your going through a financial crisis I’m sure 90% of them will say yes.
These secrets I shared with you are some of the top professional secrets out there that Criss angel, Banachek, Luke Jermay and David Blaine use.  Just practice these methods to become the next Criss Angel.  Remember perfect practice makes perfect.  Below you will see what you need to say to make some one think of the 3 of diamonds and the 5 of hearts.
The 5 of Hearts
Ok, what I want I to do is to go with me here…listen to what I’m going to tell you…look at me closely…ok…don’t think
of your favorite card…or any one card in particular…just see it as it comes to you…ok?
Excellent…ok…I want u to see a card…nice and bright…burn it in your mind (hold your fist to your forehead)…good and
a suit (move your fist to your heart… pat it on your heart a few times)…good…and make it a card I wouldn’t usually go
for…a slightly strange card…an ordinary one...an odd (emphasise odd slightly with voice tonality) card… now see its
value (as you do this open your fist out so the 5 fingers are spread — wave this across from left to right or vice versa
quickly…but not so quick they don’t register it for a second or so. Use your hand like you are emphasizing what you are
saying…don’t pay too much attention to it)…ok… and once you have the value stick with it… most people say the 5 of
hearts. you can reveal the card how you wish just play about and see what you come up with.
The 3 of Diamonds
To do this effect all you need is one card (3 of diamonds).
Put the card in your jacket pocket and you are ready to perform the effect.
Here is the script to do the effect.
I have a card in my pocket (take card out, don’t show the face of the card) look here it is, I know what it is because I have
it here, I am going to try and transmit this playing card to you. If you try and guess what it is or if you go for your
favorite card or try and catch me out you will get it wrong, so don’t just pay attention and see if you can get it. I’ll put
it in my pocket for later. Here’s what you do you build an image in your mind imagine a screen you’ve got a screen in
you mind like that imagine the little number down at the bottom and up at the top like that and the things down the
middle the bum bum bum down the centre of the card, visualize that in you mind on the screen make the color bright
and strong and vivid so you can see it clearly with the suit the screen and the 4 corners visualize that, now sharply in
your mind look at me and now say it out loud, say the card you have don’t change your mind, have you got it (wait for
name of card (3 of diamonds)) then reveal the card in your pocket.

How to levitate like criss angel